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This is a resource area designed to be a one stop shop for travel and media professionals researching Aoraki Mt Cook Alpine Village, NZ.  In this section you will find the latest media releases, images, product, brand and destinational information.

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  • On Location 'Aoraki Mount Cook'

    Filming Information

    Feature film Director Martin Campbell chose this region to set his icy drama “Vertical Limit”. The awe inspiring look of New Zealand’s highest peak, Aoraki Mt Cook and its spectacular environs provided the ‘Himalayan’ look for this action packed adventure starring U.S actor Chris O’Donnell. Vast snow covered plains with the Southern Alps backdrop also feature in “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy. Cobalt coloured canals lined by tar sealed roads with wild flowering borders have seen this region become the favoured location for most major international automobile television commercials.

  • Production

    Filming Information

    The who, what, where and how of production in NZ.

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  • Financial Incentives

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    Financial incentives for filmmakers in NZ.

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  • Post, Digital & Visual Effects

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    The who, what, where and how of special effects and post production in NZ.

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  • Regional Film Offices throughout NZ

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    Who they are, where they operate and how to contact them.

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    Answers to frequently asked questions about filming in NZ.

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    Who to talk to about access and permission to work on conservation, private, public and Maori land.

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