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Motivational Guest Speakers

As if Aoraki Mount Cook is not inspiration enough for for your team, engage a guest speaker to really get them going. The Mount Cook Community and many of our long-time friends have amazing stories of real-life triumphs and achievements that are able to be translated into success in the business world.

Our Conference team can help you organise any of the following:


    Mark is one of New Zealand's leading motivational speakers, experienced in all forms of presentation from conference keynote addresses and workshops, to entertaining and humorous after dinner talks. He has presented to audiences as small as five to as big as 1400 and everything in between.

    Over the last 6 years Mark has specialised in Keynote addresses that are based around mountaineering as a metaphor for business and life, utilising his wide experience in the mountains, vineyards and boardrooms. To take that experience one step further he now offers a range of learning programs.

    These programs don't rely on you jumping off a cliff into the arms of your work mates or taking your first bungy or even putting your life at risk by climbing a mountain. Instead, by using innovative and fun simulations we can learn the lessons, still be challenged in our thinking but not putting our bodies on the line. The lack of physical threat allows a far more focused learning outcome, one that can be as useful in your own life as your corporate life.

    The Alpine Seach & Rescue Team in Aoraki Mount Cook National Park dedicate themselves to rescuing people in the Southern Alps. This takes teamwork, committment and the will to endure.

    Hear how they must make decisions to attempt a rescue or not? What danger are they putting themselves in? When should a search be abandoned? What counselling do they go through after a difficult rescue or recovery mission?

    All of this is done as a team effort, under Police direction and under the gaze of the domestic and often, international media. How much could your team learn from their experiences?

  • ALPINE GUIDES - 'An Ascent of Mount Cook'
    Learn from an IMGA (International Mountain Guide Association) qualified guide about the physical preparation, training and execution required to summit Aoraki Mount Cook (the 'Cloud Piercer').

    Hear about how a simple rope is a lifeline in a life and death 'bond' between the guide and the client. Hear stories of endurance and stamina; about carrying and melting water; objective danger; deteriorating weather calls; rope techniques and more.